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Art & Museums

Field Museum

The FIELD MUSEUM in Chicago makes excellent use of lenticular technology in multiple displays and special exhibits.

Field Museum Lenticular Backlit Posters When you step into the lobby of the Ernst & Young 3D Theater in the world-renowned Field Museum in Chicago, you are immediately greeted by giant 3D lenticular posters. The posters are installed in a light box wall and are lit from behind. Back-lighting lenticular 3D posters make them come to life in a stunning fashion.

The show-stopping posters were such a hit when first installed, museum officials had to turn off the lenticular poster's light boxes to avoid a traffic jam of adults and children prior to their official unveiling.

The lenticular 3D posters are permanent part of the Ernst & Young 3D Theater lobby, and will be updated as new features are added to the film lineup. Each poster measures 4-feet wide by 6-feet tall. They were produced using laserphoto imaging on trans material before being mounted to the lenticular lens. The result is amazing vibrancy and incredible 3D depth when installed into light-boxes.

Another example of the power of lenticular to capture imagination and eyes of people of all ages!

Egypt 3D lenticular poster 3D Theater lenticular poster Dinosaurs Alive 3D lenticular poster

Nashville Airport

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival® and Arts at the Airport showcased amazing 3D Lenticular prints suspended from skylights, installed May 12, 2014. Artist & Photographer Carla Ciuffo created “Just A Perfect Day” exhibit involving custom photo shoots with Sir Elton John and others.