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Mailers & Things

Direct Mail

Three words: Stunning recall rates.

The mailbox is a powerful advertising destination, but only if your message gets noticed. In a Time Magazine study on Lenticular versus conventional print advertising, Lenticular mailers get noticed 96% of the time!

Pairing Lenticular graphics and direct mail is a one-two punch. Plus with our 10 day standard leadtime (ask about RUSH service), you can couple the amazing recall percentage of Lenticular advertising with the industry's fastest turnaround time.

Lenticular postcards and mailers are 100% compatible with U.S. Postal Service requirements for all service classes (First -Class through Bulk Rate automation). We can also handle the mailing portion of your project, saving money in shipping and saving time in project management.


An affordable way to bring Lenticular into print media buys.

Bring the amazing impact of Lenticular into your print advertising campaigns through inserts. Cost-effective inserts bring the power of Lenticular advertising into your consumer and trade publication ad buys with ease.

For even more impact, combine your direct mail campaign with your print media plan--insert the same Lenticular graphics (just change the back side copy) piece you used for your direct mail campaign--integrated marketing at its most impactful!


Make an in-your-face statement.

You can add Lenticular to anything: Magazine and book covers--with full or partial coverage. Annual report covers. Invitations and cards. Tip on a Lenticular postcard to a full page magazine insert. Notebook and folders. Wherever you need to capture the mind and imagination.


Let your imagination run free!

Almost any product usually made with rigid materials can be produced in Lenticular. Some ideas to spark your imagination:
· Event and Access Badges
· Coasters
· Game Pieces and Game Boards
· Trading Cards
· Playing Cards
· Business Cards
· Pocket Calendars
· Bookmarks